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Make your AI/ML possible through reliable training data using our SCALABLE Data Annotation Services
Virtualigence specializes in providing High quality data and smarter AI data set for your ML (Machine Learning) model with our fully “DAS” Managed Services.

Virtualigence Data Annotation Services “DAS” provides A comprehensive solution & framework for your training data needs, Our DAS experts collects and labels images, text, speech, audio, video, and other data used to improve automate business process to enable your Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models.

Our Solution and reliable training data give leaders in technology, automotive, financial services, retail, healthcare, the confidence to deploy world-class AI/ML products & services

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Types of Data Annotation Services
  • Bounding Box

    Bounding box annotation

    Bounding box annotation is one of the most used forms
    of labelling in computer vision applications. Bounding
    boxes are used in nearly every industry since they may
    be used to identify, measure, and count almost anything.

  • Semantic Segmentation

    semantic segmentation

    Semantic segmentation may label each pixel on an
    image and allocate it to a specific category.

  • Polygon

    Polygon annotation

    Because of its versatility and pixel-perfect labelling capacity,
    polygon annotation is frequently employed in object
    detection and identification models.

  • 3D Annotation


    It may be utilized in a wide range of industries since 3D
    annotation enables for depth and volume perception.
    It’s a lot more challenging to annotate than 2D data,
    but it gives you a lot more information when 2D visual
    data isn’t enough.

  • Video Annotation


    Video annotation can be used for many industries that utilize
    sequential data or are interested in tracking changes over time.

  • Keypoint Annotation

    keypoint annotation

    Movement monitoring and prediction, human body component
    detection, gesture and face recognition, posture recognition for
    AR/VR, and even sign language translation can benefit from
    keypoint annotations.

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