Data Strategy

Data Intelligence & Data Management
VI for DI

Our Data Intelligence [DI] and Data Management consulting services is formed to help you make the best use of Data residing in your systems, by investing in right tools for aggregation and strategizing, so you can make informed decisions as you grow and gain business insights.

Data strategy

Enterprise Data Strategy to efficiently manage data and its quality

Data Warehousing for integrated data repositories and access

Data Modeling using unified 3rd wave of Advanced Data Platforms

Data Migration using automated conversion-migration utilities  

Data Integration Services which can act as your Fast-Data Layer

Data Governance and Data Quality to ensure you have the cleaner data

Data Analysis and Reporting using advanced analytics and modern day tools 

Master Data Management using cost effective ways leveraging Data Hubs 

Data Mining and Data Cleansing using RPA

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Data Strategy Expertise

Reporting & Visualization

Adopt to a modern day and self-service tool to find true power of your data for Representations and Visualization .

BI & Analytics

Implement a data management solution that can turn your data into Delivering Insights for making better decisions

Data Integration

Use automated ways to get clean, structured, easy to Integrate Data which can be your single source of truth.

Interactive Reporting & Visualization

Unlike traditional ways of getting weekly report dump from IT or raising a request with analysts to get access to certain data for reporting for analysis, we want to help reduce dependencies and empower your team and be self-serviced.

With modern day tools and self-service feature, now your data and engineering teams can work on data themselves, slice and dice it as needed, give it a look-and-feel as the Executive team expects for further analysis within quick turnaround-time.

Reporting & visualisation
Make informed decisions by choosing a right tool for Reporting & Visualization.
Improving BI & Analytics

A large part of an analysts job (besides core analysis), is to help customers understand where the Data is residing, help them access that Data, make sense from it and integrate it to target systems for consumption.

Using structured data, Analysts are able to perform Statistical Analysis, Modeling and also use Machine Learning algorithms to generate insights for the stakeholders to make informed decisions.

BI & Analytics
Enable Data Engineering and Analysts to improve your BI and Analytics strategy.
Power of Data Integration & Data Federation

As a first step for effective Data Strategy, we want your business to be able to consolidate and simplify the data residing at different data storages and that are coming from various data sources.

The Data needs to be structured and applied with right functionalities, components and features for the transformation logic to work effectively.

Hence a recommended solution for your business is to have a right Data Integration strategy for transforming the data into meaningful and valuable information. 

Power of data integration
Choose a right approach and tool that suits your business to deliver clean and complete data.
professional services
Work with our team in a flexed model and easy to engage approach.

About VI

At Virtualigence, we believe in not reinventing the wheel but build upon your ‘as-is’ systems to get you to a ‘to-be’ state.

With our years of experience we are a confident and knowledgeable team that can quickly pick-up and engage with your thought process, needs and digitization plans.