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Cloud Intelligence [CI] and Cloud Computing is altogether a different ball game. Cloud-native strategy and technologies have correlated impacts on your business outcomes.

cloud journey

Some businesses still believe in using on-premise strategy and technologies. But for most organizations, the future and growth is; being flexible, scalable and agile, so that they are able to put Data and Customer at the heart of everything they do.

We can provide you with the analysis of your current on-premise environments, prioritize applications for moving to Cloud, design optimal Cloud Topology retrofitted to your need, provide cost estimation of migrating from on-premise to a cloud environment and show you met or exceeded performance of your current on-premise clusters vs on-cloud.

If Cloud Journey is the roadmap you have in mind, then we are here to answer your questions and support any challenges you might face in planning your modernization initiatives.

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Cloud Adoption Journey

Assessment & Discovery

Avoid common mistakes of unplanned journey in migrating to Cloud. Choose an Enterprise Cloud Platform which is right for your business.

Plan, Build & Deploy

Try to keep your migration plan simple and stick to it. Make sure execution and following the playbook is key for a Successful Implementation.

Hosting & Support

Have full control and visibility of the uninterrupted 24/7 Support you need to provide to your users and customers. Make shift-left model a reality.

Plan, Build & Deploy Cloud Strategy

Planning, building and deploying is the next step after assessment and discovery. Once you have the information from initial assessment, technical discovery, dependency analysis and cloud cost estimates, Virtualigence can layout a toll-gate approach or a roadmap of your overall migration journey to Cloud. We call it a 13 step process when planning and building your Cloud Strategy.

Virtualigence can help you with an output driven approach for planning and deploying.
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Managed Cloud Hosting & Support

With adoption of Cloud platform (private, public, hybrid or IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) and having your data, applications and infrastructure deployed in Cloud, the journey just doesn’t end there.

You need to ensure you are backed by continuous support and round-the-clock managed Cloud services process; whether your readiness is to run this with your in-house team or to partner with an expert who can save you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself.

What ever your choice of Cloud mix or the support team model is, Virtualigence can help you make the most out of your choice and advise.

Virtualigence Managed Cloud Services for Support and Hosting.
professional services
Work with our team in a flexed model and easy to engage approach

About VI

At Virtualigence, we believe in not reinventing the wheel but build upon your ‘as-is’ systems to get you to a ‘to-be’ state.

With our years of experience we are a confident and knowledgeable team that can quickly pick-up and engage with your thought process, needs and digitization plans.