MLOps Canvas

An Automated Way to Deploy AI-ML Pipelines
MLOps Canvas

Accelerate creation of AI and drive incremental cost of producing AI to near-zero. We took it a notch ahead and automated the entire AI-ML development lifecycle to make AI-ML adoption easy with only a few clicks using our GUI based canvas.

An AI Operating System in a Box with unique innovations
mlops canvas
mlops canvas

The MLOps canvas (platform-as-a-service) in collaboration with Sentrana offers easy to use GUI based PaaS with drag and drop functionalities, built-in IDE for the data teams, expansive library of ready-to-use algorithms, easy to create custom algorithms.

Now you can develop your ML pipelines quickly, build and deploy AI models, use data to train models for improved and faster results. 

Virtualigence can show you how to reduce your AI workloads, scale AI-ML adoption and streamline data.
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About VI

At Virtualigence, we believe in not reinventing the wheel but build upon your ‘as-is’ systems to get you to a ‘to-be’ state.

With our years of experience we are a confident and knowledgeable team that can quickly pick-up and engage with your thought process, needs and digitization plans.