Customer management

Uncover Sales Intelligence from your Customer Groups,Gather Data Intelligence from your Big Data Landfills,Foster Cloud Intelligence from your Hybrid Infra Setup

A product re-engineering and a bespoke solutions company

Virtualigence is formed to help simplify and automate the overall development and managed services challenges relating to Customer Management, Data Strategy and  Cloud Journey.

Using process automation, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence models we want to show efficiencies in your scale of operations.

We Build Handcrafted Solutions and Automation Frameworks on
MLOps Canvas

MLOps Canvas is a PaaS that can help you quickly scale and deploy your AI models and ML pipelines just in days (and not months).

With only a few clicks using GUI based drag-and-drop functionality, minimize your teams coding efforts, reduce AI workloads and streamline your data.

Work with our team in a flexed model and easy to engage approach.

About VI

At Virtualigence, we believe in not reinventing the wheel but build upon your ‘as-is’ systems to get you to a ‘to-be’ state.

With our years of experience we are a confident and knowledgeable team that can quickly pick-up and engage with your thought process, needs and digitization plans.